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[ Politics ]   Trump has made Ilhan Omar the face of his re-election strategy (Video)

[ Politics ]   Say goodbye to ‘manholes’ as Berkeley removes gender-specific words from city code

[ Religion ]   Muslim group launches campaign to take Fridays off for Jummah prayers (Video)

[ Culture ]   Marvel's Spider-Man Passes Batman: Arkham City As Best-Selling Superhero Game (Video)

[ Culture ]   WWE Announces Smackville WWE Network Event, Featuring a WWE Championship Triple Threat Match

[ Culture ]   Bernie Sanders Delivers First Twitch Stream During Amazon Boycott (Video)

[ Politics ]   Morgan Stanley's rich clients withdrew a surprising amount from accounts to pay their taxes (Video)

[ High-Tech ]   Sea level rise: West Antarctic ice collapse may be prevented by snowing ocean water onto it (Video)

[ Culture ]   Funko Announces Funkoverse Strategy Board Game

[ Culture ]   Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Surprise Released at Comic-Con (Video)

[ Culture ]   New The Walking Dead Season 10 Photo Hints at Importance of Mystery Voice on the Radio (Video)

[ Politics ]   Trump says US Navy shot down Iranian drone in 'defensive action,' escalating tensions in Gulf region (Video)

[ High-Tech ]   Top ten best-selling superhero games of all-time in the U.S. (Video)

[ Culture ]   Quentin Tarantino Describes His Star Trek as Pulp Fiction in Space (Video)

[ Politics ]   Now the market thinks the Fed could make an even deeper cut to rates later this month (Video)

[ Politics ]   Democrat Ilhan Omar says Donald Trump is a 'fascist' – video (Video)


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